Traveling home on a treadmill


C-print on transparent film, A6 menu holders in acrylic glass, mirror and painted MDF.
53 cm x 122 cm x 187,5 cm

In Traveling home on a treadmill I walked and ran on a treadmill and documented the process, bit by bit. I used a smartphone (iPhone) and its photographic aesthetic to mimick a tendency of self-documentation among online bloggers within the workout enviroment. I want with this performative and photographic piece to question the outcome of self-exposure and having an exsessive need for control. I’m interested if this way of archiving physical achievements through photos of numbers, can give this action a new sense of value. My aim with "Traveling home on a treadmill" is to question the ontological value of time and distance and how technology shapes our identity and body image.

Photos from "Farewell, my lovely", Bildmuseet (SE) 2013. Curated by Joakim Borda. Photo: Mattias Ericsson