Claustrophysical 2


Performance on 4th of May 2013 on the opening of "Farewell, my lovely" at Bildmuseet (SE). Curated by Joakim Borda. Photo: Johan Österholm

In Claustrophysical 2 I navigated a public space outside of the art museum Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden by using a jump rope with an attached counter and a white chalk. Using the jump rope, I tried to jump as fast as I could. Every time I stopped jumping I looked at the number the counter had registered and, using the chalk, wrote it on the ground. The duration of the performance was decided by the moment when the chalk ran out. In this performance I'm interested in mirroring the pathological aspects of the contemporary workout culture by creating and adhering to a controlled regime of monitoring and documenting my achievements and challenging my own physical endurance.

Performance 7th of September 2013 at Performance Art Bergen (NO)