Andreas Knag-Danielsen

b. 1983, Bergen, Norway
Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden

B3IG3 is a curatorial and performative platform which is run, hosted  and curated by Andreas Knag-Danielsen. B3IG3 utilizes a hotel room and invites artists to work with its specific context. B3IG3 is hosted by different drag queen characters that guides its audience through a journey of queerness, otherness and the merging of the physical and the digital world.

2018 B3IG3 x Rogaland Kunstsenter presents Hanni Kamaly (NO) feat. Nils Ekman (SE) at Clarion Hotel Stavanger, 29 September 2018, Hosted by MOIST.
2018 Mobilizing Citizenship at Kunsthall Stavanger (NO)

2011-2013 MFA, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (SE)
2009 Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design (DE)
2007 Berlin Weissensee School of Art (DE)
2005-2008 BA, Bergen National Academy of the Arts (NO) 

Solo exhibitions
2017 Knaggi collaboration: "#knaggi + TOO MUCH" w/Arvida Byström & Maja Malou Lyse, Jennifer Chan, Shana Moulton, Molly Soda, Georges Jacotey, Photographic Centre Peri, Turku (FI)
2017 “DATAFLESH”, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2015 Knaggi collaboration: “Transparency”, Galleri Pictura, Lund (SE)
2015 Knaggi collaboration: “Distance”, Oslo Prosjektrom, Oslo (NO)
2015 Knaggi collaboration: “Would you still love me if I showed you my browser history?”, The Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen (DK)
2014 Knaggi collaboration: “Malmö to Hagskaret”, Galleri 2, Stamsund (NO)
2013 “What is a perfect body?”, Galleriet (Umeå Arts Campus), Umeå (SE)
2012 “The Profile Engine”, Collaboration with Gabriel Bohm Calles and Arngrímur Borgþórsson, Galleriet (Umeå Arts Campus) (SE)
2012 “Let’s get physical Let’s get digital”, Galleri Maskinen, Umeå (SE)

2018 Host(ess) as PROTEINA at B3IG3 presents Sasha Panyuta (US) “JUPITER! With a spot.”, Lindner Hotel Berlin (DE)
2018 Host(ess) as TECH2000 at B3IG3 presents Rasmus Östebro (SE) “Femme Desires”, Story Hotel Studio Malmö (SE)
2017 "Fitspiration", Detroit Stockholm Gallery (SE)
2014 “Fitspiration”, “Saturday Night Only”, Galleri 2, Lofoten, (NO)
2013 “Claustrophysical 2”, Performance Art Bergen, Bergen (NO)
2013 “Fitspiration”, Galleriet (Umeå Arts Campus), Umeå (SE)
2013 “Claustrophysical 2”, Bildmuseet, Umeå (SE)
2012 “Claustrophysical”, Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå (SE)

Group exhibitions
2017 "Tunnelsyn", Galleri CC x Detroit Stockholm Gallery (SE)
2017 “Switch”, Galleri CC x HilbertRaum, Berlin (DE)
2016 “Høstutstillingen”, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (NO)
2016 “Medlemsutställning Mediaverkstaden”, Galleri Ping Pong, Malmö (SE)
2016 Knaggi collaboration: “Loser”, Galleri Pictura X Ordkonst, AF Borgen, Lund (SE)
2015 Knaggi collaboration: Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (SE)
2015 Knaggi collaboration: “Höstsalongen”, Fotografiska, Stockholm (SE)
2015 “4th Anniversary Show”, NOoSPHERE ARTS, NYC (US)
2015 Knaggi collaboration: “SALONG MALMÖ”, Galleriet, Malmö (SE)
2014 Knaggi collaboration: “RANDOM”, SÍM gallery, Reykjavík (IS)
2014 “Pool/Heat” w/Joni Noe (US), Ann Cathrin November Høibo (NO), Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll (NO), Emily Shanahan (CA), Mikael D. Brkic (NO), Claire Nereim (US), Johanna Breiding (SW), Noam Rappaport (US), Liliana Lewicka (US), Emma Wright (NO, Jason Roberts Dobrin (US), Katelyn Reeves (US), Joe Zorrilla (US), Anne Guro Larsmon (NO), Kunstforening Verdens Ende (NO)
2014 Ungkonst13, (Galleriet, Malmö, Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, Barbacka Kulturhus, Kristianstad) (SE)
2013 13 Video Art Festival, Stockholm (SE)
2013 Knaggi collaboration: 24 SPACES - A Cacophony, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö (SE)
2013 “Farewell, my lovely”, Bildmuseet, Umeå (SE)
2012 ReVision Arts Collective NYC Exhibition, Center 548, New York (US)
2012 Spring Exhibition 2012, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå (SE)
2012 “Voyeurism”, (Online)
2011 “Hope Somalia”, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (SE)
2011 Høstustillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (NO)
2011 Ekko - Festival for electronic music & art, Bergen (NO)
2011 Prøverommet, Landmark (Bergen kunsthall), Bergen (NO)
2009 Ekko - Festival for electronic music & art, Bergen (NO)
2008 Ekko - Festival for electronic music & art, Bergen (NO)

Curatorial work
2018 Sasha Panyuta (US) “JUPITER! With a spot.” Lindner Hotel Berlin (DE) Hosted by PROTEINA
2018 Rasmus Östebro (SE) “Femme Desires”, Story Hotel Studio Malmö (SE) Hosted by TECH2000
2017 Lars Korff Lofthus (NO) "TOTEMS", Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2016 Anne Guro Larsmon (NO) & Sandra Vaka Olsen (NO) “Glass Double”, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2016 Alannah Robins (IE) & Cecilia Josefson (SE) “Bach in the water”, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2015 “LOOP - A video art marathon”, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2015 Jennifer Chan (CAN) “A sea of men”, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2015 Tumí Magnusson (IS) “Early and late”, Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)

2014 (October) Knaggi collaboration: SÍM residency program, Reykjavík (IS)
2014 (February) Knaggi collaboration: Kunstkvarteret i Lofoten, Leknes (NO)
2013 (August) Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont (US)

Publications & press
2016 Catalog, “Høstutstillingen 2016”, Kunstnernes Hus (NO)
2016 Catalog, “I am NOT tino sehgal”, Nahmad Projects (UK)
2015 Catalog, Knaggi collaboration: Supermarket Art Fair (SE)
2015 Catalog, Knaggi collaboration: “Höstsalongen”, Fotografiska (SE)
2014 Interview, Knaggi collaboration: Lofotposten (NO)
2013 Catalog, “Farewell, my lovely”, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (SE)
2012 Interview, NABROAD’s blog N|N (NO)

2017 Miscellaneous grant, Arts Council Norway (NO)
2017 Malmö Culture Council Studio Grant (SE)
2014 Malmö Culture Council Studio Grant (SE)
2013 Eva och Hugo Bergmans Minnesfond, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (SE)
2013 Miscellaneous grant for graduates, Arts Council Norway (NO)
2012 Grant for MFA research, Baltic donationsstiftelse (SE)
2011 Travel grant, Eckbos Legater (SE)

2017 Lecture/presentation: Conversation Pit #5, Studio17, Stavanger (NO)
2015-2017 Chairman and curator: Galleri CC, Malmö (SE)
2015 Permanent installation: Knaggi collaboration: “Would you still...”, The Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen (DK)
2014 Permanent installation: Knaggi collaboration: ”Homesick”, Room 216, Hotel Skaftafell, (IS)
2013 Short-listed: Knaggi collaboration: Times Square Transformation 2013 (US),
2013 Member of studio collective Flöjen, Malmö (SE)
2011 (ongoing) Member of the artist duo Knaggi with artist Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS).