B3IG3 presents THE B3IG3 SHOW

Framtidskropp#2, curated by CANA, 2/8-13/9/2020, Galleria Flanör Gävle.

BW-print on DecotTurf, wood table, c-print on satin, TV screen, c-print on laser cutted cardboard
270 x 150 x 190 cm 


3:43 min, HD video

I'm currently developing a talk show called THE B3IG3 SHOW on YouTube. The show will feature past and future B3IG3 artists by doing interviews as the character KNAGSTER which is based on my avatar from the iPhone's Animoji feature. I want to create a critical but also fun and satirical digital platform for discussions about art, body, identity and technology using YouTube's visual language, sound effects, editing and the use of green screen and post-production effects.

Photo: Ann-Catrin Olsson